Thursday, 25 April 2019

Year Two - Ridgeway Visit next Friday 3rd May

Just a quick note to remind parents of Y2s that we are on a trip to the Ridgeway next Friday 3rd May.
Extra copies of the letters about this is will be available in the classroom.

Archaeologists visit Year Two

The children in Year Two had a visit from Mr. Steve Wallis, Dorset C.C. Archaeologist.

The children found out about some of the ancient features of our local landscape and got to handle replicas of ancient objects found in the area.
Mr. Wallis will be joining us on our visits next Friday. Who know what we might discover!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Year TWO Home Learning - Poetry -Weds 24th April

Can you make up a poem about a monster where you describe the monster using things that you don’t like?

This is the monster
I made up last week.
A monster so scary
I’m now losing sleep!

It has…
Make a list of things that you don’t like.

Then put these into the poem about a monster.
barbed-wire , stinging nettles , fire alarms,

land-mines, wasp-stings, bullies, burnt toast,

getting a library fine,  getting a puncture on my bike,

having an argument

Here’s an example:

It has barbed-wired feet
And stinging nettle arms
When singing it sounds
Like our school fire alarms

It has landmines for eyes
And a wasp sting nose
It has bullies for fingers
And burnt toast for toes

It has library fines for teeth
And flat tyres for eyes
It sounds like an argument
Whenever it cries.

My poem uses rhyme, but yours does not have to.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Year Two fun at St. Mary's Church

Today the children in Y2 had fun at St. Mary's Church in Dorchester. We did photo orienteering using a plan of the inside of the church. We learned about the Easter Story by looking at the Stations of the Cross.

Home learning – Year Two Wednesday 3rd April

I have asked the children to write an “Animal Riddle”, - stating appropriate facts and “revealing them gradually”. We have written a “riddle” in this style together at school, so they should make sure that they choose a different animal for this “home learning” activity.
Like in this example:
What Am I?
I am about 25cm long.
I build a large leafy nest by a tree or wall.
As an adult I live alone.
I can live in the countryside or the town.
I am usually nocturnal.
The cold is my worst enemy, then it’s motor cars.
Animals don’t harm me.
I eat snails, earthworms and insects.
I hibernate so I eat a lot in Autumn.
I am often covered in fleas.

To protect myself I roll into a prickly ball.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Year Two - St. Mary's Church visit Weds 3rd April

The children in Year Two are visiting St Mary's Church in Dorchester next Wednesday 3rd April. We will be walking to the church, aiming to arrive for 9.30 am , work inside the church for an hour and returning to school by 11.00 am.
Any Y2 parents who would like to join us to help with the visit would be very welcome.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Home Learning - Year Two Wednesday 27th March

Minutes in one hour?-__________
Seconds in a minute?-__________
Hours in a day?-__________
Days in a week?- _________
Days in a year?-_______
Days in a leap year?-________
Minutes in ½ of an hour?- __________
Days in 3 weeks?- ________
Days in 10 weeks?-________
Seconds in 2 minutes? -________
Hours in 10 days?-________
Minutes in 5 hours?-_______
Days in 48 hours? -________
Hours in 120 minutes?-________
Weeks in 21 days? -________

Can you name the months of the year in order?